Teresa's Administrative Services
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Teresa's Administrative Services is your solution for getting you and your small business ready for tax season.

We have over 15 years of experience in bookkeeping and tax preparation


We can help you file your tax return! 
We have several years of tax preparation experience and can prepare and file your current and prior year federal and state income tax forms, help you respond to IRS and State notices, and work with you to plan ahead with any life changes you have that may effect your tax liability.
  • We use professional software to e-file your tax returns!
  • We offer Protection Plus, an audit assistance package! 
  • We have bank products available for your convenience! 



We are excited to be offering Protection Plus to you this tax season. Protection Plus is the leading provider of audit assistance and identity theft restoration services in the tax industry. For a one time fee of $49.95 at the time of tax preparation, their experienced professionals will provide a full year of identity theft restoration services and assist you if you receive a letter from the IRS. The audit assistance will provide coverage on both Federal and State tax returns, and the identity theft restoration services provide assistance in the event of stolen credit cards, compromised bank accounts, fraudulent tax returns, or other identity theft incidents. I recommend that all of my clients purchase Protection Plus each year.



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